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  • Numer referencyjny Numer referencyjny 1049-282714
    Rok produkcji Rok produkcji 1990
    Roboczogodziny Roboczogodziny Brak informacji
  • Dostawca

    Hans-Jürgen Geiger Maschinen-Vertrieb GmbH
    James-Watt-Straße 12
    72555 Metzingen
    Showroom Logo
  • Głównych Kategoria

    Maszyny do obróbki metalu
  • Kategoria

    Maszyny pomiarowe i testujące
  • Typ maszyny

    Poziome maszyny do digitalizacji i pomiaru współrzędnych
  • Marka

  • Dane techniczne

    4070 mm
    1185 mm
    1985 mm
    total power requirement
    weight of the machine ca.
    15 t
    dimensions of the machine ca.
    6000 x 4500 x 4000 m
  • Opis

    Consisting of: Working Range:

    Measuring column, longitudinal movement, X Axis 4,070 mm
    Measuring slide, cross, as Y Axis (measuring head) 1,185 mm
    Measuring slide, vertical, as Z Axis (vertical) 1,985 mm
    Adjustment of measuring head, roll axis 360 °
    pitch axis 220 °

    Measuring table 5,000 x 2,000 mm

    Weight, approx. 15,000 kg
    Space required 6,000 x 4,500 x 4,000 mm

    Accessories / Special Features :

    o 3D tracer head, with turning/swivelling device.
    o Universal 3D Measuring Software, KOROS CAD 5.2.0 from November 2001 (with lots of enhancements), as well as HOLOS UX for manual or automatic measuring of all geometric elements and free-form surfaces, ideally on passenger car bodies, engineering parts and large forming tools.
    o Separate switch cabinet (Master F1) with programming possibility and a mobile manual control console.
    o Steel clamping table, which can be levelled, 2,000 x 5,000 mm.
    o Machine was maintained annually by DEA Company, and the software was updated regularly.

    This unit is ideal for measuring complete car bodies.

    Condition : Very good. Machine is assembled and can be inspected under power.
    Delivery : Ex stock, as inspected.
    Payment : Net, after conclusion of contract.

    Thank you for your interest. We have a selection of measuring machines on stock.

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